Breastfeeding Essentials

Stevens Community Medical Center is now offering a Breastfeeding Essentials class for expectant parents. This comprehensive 2-3 hour class is instructed by Lactation Educator and Dietitian Alyssa Thooft. 

Topics include:

The importance of breastfeeding

How breastfeeding works

Proper latch and positioning 

Ways to improve success & reach your personal breastfeeding goals

Common concerns 

How to incorporate breastfeeding into your work & social life

Breast pump basics


Upcoming Classes:

Two separate class times available:

Thursday, Sept. 28 @ SCMC Lower Level 6-8:30 pm


Monday, Dec. 4 @ SCMC Lower Level 6-8:30 pm

Cost is $20 and partners are encouraged to attend without any additional cost.Y ou can register in advance by calling Alyssa Thooft at 

320-589-7623 or simply come to one of the scheduled classes.


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