COVID-19 Updates


Our dedicated staff of highly skilled nurses and providers, the infection prevention specialists, ancillary front line staff, emergency preparedness personnel, and many others are all working together with our local and state health departments, our partners in emergency medical services and other agencies to stay on top of the latest information and to prepare for possible testing and treatment of the virus. We have an operations team implementing the proper protocols for screening and caring for patients in our ambulatory and hospital locations. We want to reiterate how important it is right now to keep your health a priority. Yes, our clinics look different right now, but we are open and we are here to help and we will work with you to find the best possible route to care for you. These restrictions are set up to keep you and our workforce safe and healthy, but we want to assure you we have taken many safety measures to support this.


  • In addition, all patients and visitors are being screened prior to entering our facilities. Individuals will be given mask and given instructions on where to go.
  • We have a Respiratory Clinic in place in a separate area of the clinic.
  • We began to limit clinic visits by postponing routine outpatient visits and are restricting all visitors at this time.
  • Our staff is continually trained and educated on the care of all of our patients. With COVID-19, additional training and education are being conducted.
  • Universal masking in place for everyone on-site, this includes ALL staff and masks are given to those entering the facility.
  • Plexiglass at registration areas.
  • Due to the visitor restrictions we are also not allowing in person payments, you can pay via your MyChart account or go online to
  • Encouraging everyone to practice social distancing to help slow the spread of this virus over time so that our health system is not overwhelmed to a point of being unable to manage the medical needs of the communities we serve.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Minnesota Department of Health


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