Are you at Risk for PAD?

Do you have pain or discomfort in the muscles of your legs when you walk that goes away when you rest?



What is PAD?

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a chronic condition caused by blockages in the arteries that supply the legs with blood flow. This can cause pain and limit normal activities of daily life.



What are the risk factors for PAD?

Currently smoke or have a history of smoking
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Age 65 years or age 50 with other risk factors


PAD increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.  

Managing your risk factors for the disease can improve your PAD symptoms, and also decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke.



Stevens Community Medical Center along with UMM School of Nursing encourage you to talk to your health care provider 

You may have peripheral artery disease (PAD.)



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