Cutting Edge Surgical Care

When you need surgery, the care and outcome you get are of the utmost importance. Stevens Community Medical Center, conveniently located in Morris, MN, has a state-of-the-art surgical center and three surgeons with 33 years combined surgical experience. We are different than most rural healthcare facilities because we have the expertise, the availability and experience. Along with our highly-experienced surgeons, SCMC has a skilled surgical staff that includes Registered Nurses, Certified Surgical Technologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Randy Lussenden and Eric Larson. Your surgical experience doesn’t stop there. SCMC also offers on-site Physical Therapy and the convenience for follow-up care all located under one roof.


Stevens Community Medical Center cares about your health, your recovery, and the treatment you need. We are here to care for you every step of the way.


Dr. Sam - General Surgery 

Dr. Somkiat T. Viratyosin (Dr. Sam) is a board-certified general surgeon has been with SCMC for over 20 years. He is known for his attention to detail when consulting with patients for a surgical procedure. He is available for elective consults as well as emergency consults.  He has a broad array of focuses such as:

Endoscopic procedures:

Colonoscopy for screening, diagnosis and/or treatment

Upper GI Endoscopy for diagnosis and/or follow-up

Surgical procedures (include the following but not limited to:)

Hernia Repair

Bowel Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery


Cyst Removal

Tubal Ligation

Cesarean Section

Breast Biopsy & Mastectomy

Insertion of Port-a-cath for chemotherapy

Hand Surgeries (carpal tunnel & trigger finger release)

Hemorrhoid & Fissure treatment

Complex Laceration Repair

Skin Biopsy


Dr. Holte - Orthopedics

Dr Michael Holte is a board-certified, Mayo-trained orthopedic surgeon and has worked with SCMC for over 10 years. He conducts clinic visits and performs various types of surgery. Dr. Holte has extensive knowledge and experience in orthopedics. His success stories speak volumes to the degree of orthopedics we offer right here in our community. His scope of practice includes:

Arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder (through a scope) with ligament and tendon repair,

Rotator Cuff Repair

Carpal Tunnel Release

Ulnar Nerve Release

Removal of plates and screws

Hip and Knee Replacements

Hand Surgery

Surgical and non-surgical repair of fractures and other types of surgery of the musculoskeletal system


Dr. deHart- Podiatry

Dr. Rebecca deHart, DPM is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and focuses her expertise on foot and ankle conditions. She has been with SCMC for 3 years. Procedures she performs are:

Ankle fractures & other foot trauma

Ligament/Tendon Reconstruction

Flatfoot Procedures

Small Joint Replacements

Hammer Toes

Foot Fusion

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Nerve Releases

Endoscopic Foot and Ankle Procedures & Ankle Arthroscopy

Wound Care (below the knee)


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