Emergency Care

We are here when you NEED us most.

Stevens Community Medical Center is proud to announce Dr. Jason Hughes as a new member of the Emergency Department Team. The ER Physician team also includes Dr. Miriam Ragab, Trauma/Stroke Director, Dr. Nazita Adili-Khams and Dr. Brendon Cullinan. Dr. Hughes has taken on the lead role in the Emergency Department, he is board certified and residency-trained in Emergency Medicine. He was recently re-appointed as a National Oral Board Examiner for recently trained emergency medicine residents. He has taught emergency medicine and was appointed as a Clinical Associate Professor in emergency medicine at the University of Iowa Emergency Trauma Center. Dr. Hughes has extensive experience in the fields of  family medicine and emergency medicine. The ER Physician team at SCMC are all board-certified in family medicine and have extensive experience in either family medicine or emergency medicine/urgent care and have worked with the hospital in becoming certified for trauma as well as for stroke patients. They are dedicated to rural healthcare and the surrounding community and are here when you need them most.