Full-time Orthopedic Care

At Stevens Community Medical Center we are now offering full-time orthopedic care with not one, but three skilled surgeons! Dr. Paul Havel, Dr. Richard Bergstrom and Dr. Michael Holte are all board-certified orthopedic surgeons specializing in a variety of orthopedic procedures that can be done right here, close to home. We are lucky to have caring and experienced nursing staff, two certified nurse anesthetists and on-site physical therapy. 

Whether you:

Sprain it.

Tear it.

Pull it.

Break it. 

Wear it out.

We can fix it. 

For appointments or consults call 320-589-7600. 

Coming in 2020, we are excited for Dr. Tim Jay to join the Orthopedics team of providers here as well at SCMC!