Brianna Wulf, PTA

 Brianna is a Physical Therapist Assistant from Southern Iowa, where she worked until 2016.  In 2016 she married her husband, moved to MN, and joined the NovaCare team. She graduated from Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa, where she received her Associate’s degree in Applied Science and completed the PTA program.  Brianna graduated in 2014 as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.  She works under the direction and supervising of a physical therapist and performs interventions selected by the supervising P.T.  Brianna specializes in manual therapy which includes trigger point release and the treatment of headaches/migraines.  In her free time, Brianna enjoys being with her husband, family and friends, being outdoors, gardening, fishing, playing guitar, traveling, and helping others.

Do more than belong. Participate.

Do more than care. Help.

Do more than believe. Practice.

Do more than be fair. Be Kind.

Do more than forgive. Forget.

Do more than dream. Endeavor.