Somkiat T. Viratyosin, M.D.

When Dr. Somkiat Viratyosin (known as Dr. Sam) was a young man living in Thailand, practicing medicine in a rural area is exactly what he expected to do. He received most of his medical training in the United States, receiving his Bachelor of Science and medical degree from Brown University in Providence, R.I. Dr. Sam returned to Thailand to practice medicine and finish his training in Orthopedic Surgery. He returned to the U.S. for general surgery residency at University of Massachusetts Medical School and fellowship in Orthopedics at Birkshire Medical Center.

Dr. Viratyosin joined the Stevens Community Medical Center staff in May of 1996. He is a member of the American Board of Surgery. 

He has a broad array of focuses such as:

Endoscopic procedures:

Colonoscopy for screening, diagnosis and/or treatment

Upper GI Endoscopy for diagnosis and/or follow-up

Surgical procedures (include the following but not limited to:)

Hernia Repair

Bowel Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery


Cyst Removal

Tubal Ligation

Cesarean Section

Breast Biopsy & Mastectomy

Insertion of Port-a-cath for chemotherapy

Hand Surgeries (carpal tunnel & trigger finger release)

Hemorrhoid & Fissure treatment

Complex Laceration Repair

Skin Biopsy

Patients can make appointments to see Dr. Viratyosin directly without a referral from primary care doctors.